A preview for the third episode of The Borgias, where The Pope hosts a Turkish prince and tries to negotiate his daughter's hand in marriage.
You're looking at a clip from the second episode of The Borgias. In it, Cesare confronts an assassin at a celebratory dinner banquet. The fight is on!
Rodrigo has a plan to take the papacy. He shares it with his son in this clip from the first episode of The Borgias.
Jeremy Irons anchors The Borgias. Will you tune in and give this new Showtime drama.

The Borgias Quotes

Woman: You're a cleric?
Cesare: Didn't you notice?
Woman: There was nothing ecclesiastical about you last night.

You will fight like dogs over this corpse I leave, for this throne of Saint Peter's, but it was pure once.

Pope Innocent