The firm considers taking on a Nobel Peace Prize winner this week, while Eli and Peter try to figure out what Wendy's candidacy means for them. Check out the CBS preview for "VIP Treatment."
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Will Alicia stand by Peter? Or make things happen with Will? That's the dilemma she faces on the season finale of The Good Wife.
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The Good Wife Season 4 gets underway on September 30. Check out an amazing trailer teasing all that's ahead now!
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Prepare for a great deal of hurt, Good Wife fans. So teases this emotional preview for the end of Season 5.
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Go behind the scenes with The Good Wife in this CBS video and learn why Will Gardner was killed off, along with what impact it will have on characters going forward.
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In this preview clip, the cast of CBS' new drama, The Good Wife, introduce us to the plotline and preview some scenes from this upcoming show.
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In a word? GULP! Check out this clip from The Good Wife Season Season 6 Episode 14.
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We're less than a month away from the premiere of The Good Wife Season 7. Feast your eyes on fresh footage from new episodes now.
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Good Wife Quotes

It's hard to be on this side.


The AUSA has a thing for me. I can distract him.