Phoebe Tonkin delves into Hayley's journey on The Originals in this exclusive interview. Watch our one-on-one now.
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What kind of father will Klaus be on The Originals? Joseph Morgan answers that question in this exclusive interview.
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We're on The Vampire Diaries set with Michael Trevino for this interview. But we're talking a lot about his Originals crossover.
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The Originals Season 1 moves ahead with "Girl in New Orleans." Check out the official CW promo for this episode now.
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The Originals moves ahead with a new episode. Watch the official teaser for "Après Moi, Le Déluge" now.
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Daniella Pineda plays a key role on The Originals. She gives us a look ahead in this on-set interview. Watch now!
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A clip from this evening's all-new episode of The Originals, "Fruit of the Poison Tree."
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The Originals Quotes

Marcel: Go to Hell.
Klaus: If by Hell you mean somewhere you are betrayed by those you hold most dear, then it's from Hell I've just come. I didn't much care for it.

They say the passage of time will heal all wounds, but the greater the loss, the deeper the cut and the more difficult the process to become whole again. The pain may fade, but scars serve as a reminder of our suffering and make the bearer all the more resolved never to be wounded again. So as time moves along we get lost in distractions, act out in frustration, react with aggression, give in to anger, and all the while we plot and plan as we wait to grow stronger, and before we know it, the time passes. We are healed. Ready to begin anew.


The Originals Music

  Song Artist
Song Too Late M83 iTunes
The hawk in paris freaks Freaks The Hawk In Paris iTunes
Ms mr bones Bones MS MR iTunes