In a funny funny montage, Betty shows Kimmy how things are done at Mode. She shows her how to get things from Wilhelmina and even how to pronounce her name.
In this hilarious clip from "Granny Pants," Betty sends Kimmy Keegan to get something from Wilhelimina. The results are hilarious as Wilhelmina sends Marc to her rescue.
Lindsay Lohan returns as Kimmy Keegan in "Granny Pants." She's back and just recently quit her job and wants to see if Betty can hook her up with one at Mode. Uh oh.

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Marc: I'm on with the PETA people about the coat they're in a an uproar because your wearing dalmatian
Wilhelmina: For god sakes its not real dog, its rare albino leopard

Betty: I'm worried about him he's focusing all his energies on work and avoiding his feelings
Claire: On the spectrum of our family vices, work is a lot healthier than murder
Betty: Hmm... that's true