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What the hell happened? Callie sings "Snow Patrol" as she watches her own life flash before her eyes.

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FANTASTIC!!!! Had me in tears last night, there was a similar incident at a clinic yesterday. Husband lost his wife, she was 38 weeks pregnant and they lost the baby! This episode meant a lot, cause things like these really do happen!


I soooo need that whole soundtrack I absolutely loved last nights episode Great Job!!! Definitely had me in tears


Calli was just amazing! Her singing was right on! The whole show kept me on the edge of my bed to see if she and baby made it!. I just love Arizona and the two of them. THey suit eachother. Made me cry!


@Milutin : nope, it's Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol


goooosh I HATE GA for that !! SERIOUSLY !! who said I needed to cry my heart out huh?! Yeah I remember Denny too, the way I cried, went to bed crying that night, couldn't stop... AND me too, almost crying at the moment, but hey, need to save the tears for tomorrow, when I'll be watching it... :'(


this is gonna be epic! i can not wait!!! im almost crying right now...


It's Greg Laswell - Off I Go. Awesome song ;-)


That music...
i remember when denny died.
i hope she stay alived.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

It came out of nowhere. I asked her to marry me, and a truck came out of nowhere.


I asked her to marry me, and a truck came out of nowhere.

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