James Roday is directing an upcoming episode of Psych, while Dule Hill may appear on The Newsroom. Watch our interview with the stars now.
We're on the red carpet with Dule Hill and James Roday in this exclusive interview. Watch now as they gush over Psych Season 7 and the writing team.
Dule Hill and James Roday speak to TV Fanatic in this exclusive video. We were live on the red carpet with the Psych stars at Comic-Con.
Like so many others, Dule Hill has good taste in websites. He's a TV Fanatic!
TV Fanatic chatted with Dule Hill on the green carpet of a special Psych event in New York City in early October 2011. Watch the actor crack us up now!

Psych Quotes

Suck it.

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You two are so breaking up over this.