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Ready for an undercover operation? A sting is at hand on this episode of Rookie Blue.
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omg i can't believe he's cheating on Andy!!!!! That Jerk!!!! I liked Luke, but now I can't stand him! Andy is finally happy and he is going to ruin her life! Sam had better be there to help her and then maybe they will have a chance. But I wanted Andy to end up with Sam because she liked him over Luke, not because Luke CHEATED on her! His FIANCE! COME ON!!!!!!!!!

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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Traci: Dex packed his bags. Said he didn't want to live a lie anymore.
Andy: Drama queen. Him, not you.

Noelle: What's going on with him?
Dov: Bee sting.
Noelle: Well ain't karma a bitch.