Taylor Momsen Shakes, Bakes

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This is a commercial from 1997 or so featuring Taylor Momsen. She was very cute at the time.
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Full on loled when she said "i'm gunna be a shake and bake mom" because i highly doubt that she is now xD


@LelaRose in this case perhaps yes, but you see other child actors that are well-adjusted people that aren't doing anything too crazy or scandalous (however honestly I feel like we've seen worse - unless there's a lot that hasn't come out about Miss Momsen). Anyway, I think it's about having good people around you, that's what keeps you sane and even when you've got some good people around you something can go wrong.


So adorable... But it's clear that the acting industry ruins children. Shall we do a before and after???


omg she is sooooo adorable.


gahh that's cute :)

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