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The Vampire Diaries returns on January 27 with "The Descent." That episode is previewed in the video above.
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omg tyler-caroline-matt i'm so excited!!


it 's so nice to write some thing about this film.
i live in Iran and it is so hard for me to find the movie.
and i should pay a lot of money to download each episodes 2 or 3 days after it went on can't even imagine how bad situation i have here.
i were on of the twilight fan.and i though that it was the best movie /story that i had ever think about that.
but now i really realized that the story of vampire diaries is much too powerful than the twilight.
i really like Damon.Not just because of it's craziness.just because of his role,as an older brother,and the protection bye him.
i imagine him as Elina s older brother or even her father.
i really thanks Ian Somerhalder for his realistic playing.It was fantastic.
i hope that he would take many different award this year.


I want the song & the lyrics. The Youtube's version is not clear.


Wow, I can't wait!! Seriously, every week I tell myself: don't look at the promo videos and each week ... I do it again.
And then I can't get it out of my head and keep watching it every two days. I absolutely love Caroline, though I find it very hard to choose between Tyler and Matt, if I had to though, I would go for Tyler. I've liked him from the start, but maybe that's because I always go for the 'lost puppy' type (just can't help it).


Im not going to bother to get attached to Rose as she will die


@CrAZychicke Are you sure you've seen the midseason finale? Because the episode were Stefan gets out of the cave, the rose thing and everything else happens has already come out! You can go on the cw and watch it


OMFG!! I am so team Cycler .. they match perfectly.


I hope rose doesn't die, I really like her shes awesome. If she dies im gonna cry. I dont think shes gonna die tho bc on tv fanatic when it said "rose returns" it said that she is going to help damon and stefan with something, so I dont think shes gonna die.


OMFG AWESOME can't wait!! taroline and matt kissing caroline lol and what's up with rose, and how did stefan get out of the cave?? and where's katherine and what about bonnie/jeremy? and who else want sto give damon a hug!! lmao i can't wait til january!!! i wanna know now!


what is the name of this song?!?! i can't figure it out!!!

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

He's an Original. I don't really know what that means.


Elena: Don't ruin the moment. You're about to ruin the moment, aren't you?
Stefan: I'm totally ruining the moment.