Gossip Girl returns January 24 with "The Kids Are Not Alright." Looks like an explosive episode when it does.

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Reese williams

bad quality and about every second filled with talking made watching and understanding that promo impossible.
lol ill try again on youtube later :S


no chuck and blair belong together always have always will. and so do dan and serena. i would rather stop watching gg then see dan and blair mac face.

Snow not so white

Hahaha, dear Phytomsisa, I agree with you on everything, especially about Damien's comeback ♥ and Lily being bad, but Dan and Blair together? Really?
I think that'd be just way too much... Well, it's my opinion! x


OMG ! I love the idea of Dan and Blair together (so much more than the idea of Dan and Serena), I love that Damien is back, I love love love Serena helping Chuck taking down Lily, I love the idea of the bad Lily, I love the conntect between Ben and Serena ! I'm gonna love this episode :D The only thing I hate is that we have to wait over a month to watch this episode :(

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Serena: Just take me away from my problems, please. Tell me, what did you do over the break?
Blair: Why? What did you hear?

Serena: I had to pull an Erin Brockovich and go down to the Litchfield County clerk's office to try to get a copy of the case. And how's this for irony ...
Blair: Court records are public so you wore a push-up bra for no reason?
Serena: The case filed is sealed because it involved a minor.