The Lying Game Promo: "East of Emma"

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When you steal someone else's life, there's always a price. That's the lesson teased here via a promo for the fall finale of The Lying Game.
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OMG! Looks like Emma finally reveals who she really is... I've been waiting for this since like forever!
And it definitly should be interesting to see Sutton in action. 'Hell hath no fury like a twin scorned'? - Great. Just great.
Looking forward to next week!!!


Are one of the twins going to die? I know we have all been saying, "Yay! I am so glad that Sutton didn't die like she did in the book," but what if the writers have just prolonged it. Except this still would not be sticking to the book because, in the book, Alec and Ted did not know that Emma was alive. Please don't kill Sutton (even though she is a biatch)!


The music makes it sound so much more epic than a drama. Like Lord of the Rings epic. Still keen though!


My God Sutton is gna be a bitch from what I see here.

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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Oh reading other people's mail now? What is that a felony? You're just racking em' up now!

Sutton [to Emma]

Emma: I love you.
Laurel: Okay...awkward.