The Princesses and the Frog Promo - Extended Version

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A longer promo for "The Princesses and the Frog." This episode of Gossip Girl airs May 2, 2011. Enjoy!
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OMG....I think that is Prince Louis ring because I remember the band on Chuck's being platinum from last season and the band in the preview is gold. is gold so 80's and early 90's I might add. Hopefully, she will put this on in the next two episodes and chuck and rid her of it by the last or Dan. It would be fun for her to be a Princess for a while though.


I love gg since ever! I think that this season is great and I want chuck and blair together please!


It looks like Serena and Blair are friends once again... `shocker [sarcasim]. I dont like the concept of Dan and Blair, I find them disturbing (please dont bite my head of), yes they have chemistry but Dan isn't Dan around Blair. His character is so out of character since this whole blair/dan hanging out thing started, take last episode for example;
first he gets a writing job(which we havent seen him write in a while), then shocker it was a set-up>then he flirts with charlie even though he has feelings for blair> blair and dan kiss, charlie records it and sends it to gossip girl> dan and blair go after serena> dan leaves serena almost instantly, doesnt say anything when she says that blair and dan have lost her> says the kiss ment nothing> charlie visits the loft, dan forgives he instantly> dan tells vanessa that they wont be friends again> dan and charlie drink together> dan admits he has feelings for blair> Charlie and dan continue to flirt... Wtf


Finally! Season 4 is getting interesting!



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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

But while the beast locked himself in a tower of ennui, the girl found herself a prince. His name?

Gossip Girl

Once upon a time in the land called Upper East, a beautiful girl met a beast.

Gossip Girl