The Serena Also Rises Clips

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A series of clips from "The Serena Also Rises." Chuck is so evil. And brilliant.

Actually,Serena and Dan aren't a perfect match.It's good for them to break up.hOWEVER ,Dan is still quite goo.he's independent,excellent,cosiderate.Anywhere he deserves a better one


gossip girl fever is on! yeah, i agree. it's nice to see that serena and dan are over. let them do something else in the show other than kiss, fight and make up.
i am very interested to see how queen serena will be like.but i am still on blair's side no matter what. you can't take a bad girl down.


Well well, I'm totally happy that serena and dan broke up. they don't belong to each other. Dan belongs to himself, and serena belongs with nate.
I hate the way serena is acting now. I'm on Blair's side.
Also it was good seeing chuck being a person, it makes me love him more. Blair toally changed him. He is a good person actually, but I love him either bad or good. I cannot wait to see Serena and Blair fight, it will be interesting. Serena is not a queen, Blair is. Blair is queen and Chuck is king.
What was mean of chuck, Julie?


That was so mean of chuck.. And I don't know how I feel about Serena being the queen or whatever. I gonna have to wait and see how that plays out.. All I know is I am so happy D&S broke up, it's like they had no identity of there own.They've been together practicaly since the show started. I want to see how they act when they are single/ or with other people.
Oh and also, I love B but she looks like she is kinda over-acting in that one clip with her yelling.I like the cool and calm style she added to being the Queen.

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Dan: I know... we don't like each other. You think I'm a boring, sheltered nobody.
Chuck: I don't think of you.

It's like the plague. Only instead of vermin on my doorstep, I get the human being. Beat it, Humphrey. My sister doesn't dig stalkers.