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The vampire diaries
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Damon, Silas and company are on a mission in this Vampire Diaries clip. But will Elena be allowed to join them?

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Don't be confused... Silas took the cure so isn't quite supernatural anymore...and Witch should be able to do swaps with him


This confuses me so much. Silas can't die yet because he'll just go to the other side where all the supernatural crap is. But Amara isn't there. So are they dropping the other side again? WTH? I'm so confused. Normally I can keep up with the history and mechanics of this show, even when they mess up their own history, but this time I'm lost....


Love this movie so much

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Elena: You're kind of evil. No offense.
Silas: None taken.

Quiet, still, peaceful. I like our life like this.

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