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The Walking Dead Season 4 is nearing its conclusion. Watch this sneak peek from "Us" now.

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She was a twisted mind. In this world not much else Carol could do.


I thought Sunday nights episode was great. Carol definitely did the right thing Lizzy wanted to kill Judith next. FYI if you don't like the show then why post anything at all kind of stupid just say'n;)

@ Sarah

I agree.Lizzy was so screwed up it would have taken a team of therapists a couple of decades to straighten her mind out,if it could be fixed at all.And yeah she did say she wanted to do Judith! Lizzy was dangerous.


I'm with Tracy. Who gives a fudge about anything this clip provided...or didn't, for that matter. We already knew Tara's a lesbian. What happened to "sneak peeks" that left you wanting more? This is the same type of thing that we've been getting from "Talking Dead" lately, and I'm not impressed. I hope the show isn't losing it's edge already and the whole Lizzie/Carol thing wasn't a desperate attempt to reel people back in :/


I think Gareth has Beth!!


I havnt been able to keep up with the show due to work, so I'm behind and i havnt got to see if the govner good suved by rick or deryol. hope he died painfully.


I agree as hard as it was unfortunately Carol did do the right thing. RIP mika Thank god Lizzie didn't have time to hurt Judith. i hope Daryls new friends know where Beth is


Hey Tracey, if you don't care then why you even posting on this site. Idiot ! Great last episode. Carol definitely did the right thing. Was hard enough having those 2 little girls with their twisted ways of thinking, tagging along in a world now build for only the strong. And after murdering her sister and then eying up the baby Judith as her next vicim, it had to be done.


Who cares about these people?

@ Tracy

I care I love the characters and would hate to see them go if you don't like them stop watching


Why us this season so short!?


I was shock to see what Carroll did ....but Lizzie had lost her mind.....after she killed the little girl n then she was going to do the baby .....Love The Walking Dead!

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