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What can fans expect from the third season of The Walking Dead? Cast members from the AMC smash take a look ahead in this video.

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cool movie zombie.. i likeit


Second season was great, can't wait for the next one. Dying to find out who or what was with the two no arms walkers... HURRY THIRD SEASON!!!


ilove this movie best zombie movie ever
hope to watch it soon :O


im sooo excited about the season 3 ,,i cant wait to see it :D
i hope more zombies to scare us ..


OMG me and my sister and my cousin love this show it just keeps getting better and better every season!! I wish i were in this show!! :)


Well done another fantastic season. Looking 4ward 2 season 3 but think its a long wait and I'm a bit impatient lol. Hands down the walking dead is my all time favourite show so far ( followed closely by true blood). So yeah can't wait 2 c what new season brings


Bring sumthin more deady then a zombie that will heat it up


Okay all, bear with me since this comment is from my HTC Evo lol. Now I personally LOVE Walking Dead, all the to the very last episode of season 2. This show is excellent. The casting could not have been better neither could the story and directing. There were some disagreements on my part though. Like when [spoiler] Dale dies really got under my skin because Dale was one of my favorite characters. As well as Shane, Shane was a great character who (IMHO) was a key character and wanted to survive and protect the group, basically he was the one who was prepared to stay alive AT ALL COSTS. I really hope season 3 answer certain questions for all of us fans. I really want them to bring characters back. The black guy and his son from season 1 (i dont remember their names right now lmao), Merle IS coming back and I cannot wait because the "chemistry" between Merle and Rick, and I cannot even think of what might hapen between them. Also, [spoiler] since the virus is NOT transfered through biting or scratching, it would be cool to see if a cure is coming, or at least get updated with the CDC and its role in the cure, "if" its comin. I also hope that a recent rumor I heard is not true as ut consists of my favorite character Darryl. I heard [spoiler] that Darryl dies un S3. I personally hope not. Here I go ranting lmao. To sum it up I cannot wait for season 3. I am sure ALL Walking Dead fans feel the same way in terms of anticipation.


I love the movie I can't wait intil its back on. I have watched them sents they have been on. They are so cool. Its so awesome how the zombies look so real. The people in it are so awesome and very good at what they do. I love u guys your so awesome. I can't wait intil your on. :)


oh i can't wait until next season a dvd os season 1 and 2, watch it repeatedly....

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