The Witches of Bushwick Promo #2

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A longer promo for "The Witches of Bushwick." See the heat rising from your screen as you peep this Gossip Girl promo.
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The name of the song is Would You Like It by Adrianne Leon


smallville ve goosip girl harica ikisinide cok seviyorum umarim hep boyle devam eder blair chak lois klark harica bi soru sorucam blairin adini biliyorumda chakin adi ed mi ve okuduma gere cikiyorlar bri yazarsa sevinirim


blair chak love you


blair chak cok yakisiyor bir birlerine cok yakisiyor goosip girl harica


Anybody knows the name of the song??


when chuck says i love you it was soo cute! exspecialy since he automaticaly says it without thinking about it!


i hope they end up together again, they are my all time favourites. thats sooo cute when he says i love you and didnt even know he was about to say it! i CANNOT wait for this episode.


I think that it's jenny who kisses Nate and JUliet who kisses Dan, cause you saw juliet take off serenas mask, and it was clearly jenny's face behind it earlier; she looked just like she did in the season 1 masquerade *sigh*


damn anything that comes out of ed's voice box can give you the chills


could someone please explain?
so chuck and blair date in secret, then in "gaslit" they are completely over?
they're not even like back together yet though. so how can they stop being together
and how do you know that anyway?

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Hey Serena, it's me. I saw your thing in The Post. Just wanted you to know that Brooklyn is a great place to avoid nasty looks. Unless you throw your recycling in the regular trash or try to open a chain store with questionable labor practices.


Serena: Hey, why are you guys eating? I thought we were going to Sarabeth's.
Eric: Ah, we decided we could spread out better here. There's more room to work.
Serena: On what, your calculus homework?
Eric: Your love life. It's a little something called "Dan vs. Nate". We're here to help.
Elliot: And we brought protractors.