The Wrath of Con Clip #7

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A classic Chuck and Blair scene from "The Wrath of Con."

That scene was very emotional, there's just too much feeling from the both of them, it was a heartbreaking moment. And who can ever tell that the Chuck Bass can be that vulnerable and mature to let let go of Blair, because he love her so much. DAMN THAT MOTHER CHUCKER, he made my heart ache...


Chair_xoxo you´re totaly right!!!He is so estupid sometimes!!!


why can't they just settle it and be together!!!Chuck , Blair was waiting for you to say u love but then u broke her heart!tell her the truth!!!but i bet they'll be together by the end!


indeed the best scene in this episode...they love each other and I'm watching Gossip Girl because of these 2: Chuck and Blair are meant for each other...Nate knows that Chuck loves Blair and Serena knows that Blair loves Chuck...hope that they will be together soon!


I completely agree! Chair are the the soul of the whole story and I cannot immagine a finale without them coming back 2gether. Everytime I see them in a scene together I feel crying of emotion...please writers think in all the Chair fans that are waiting the whole season for it!!


ssssoooo beautiffull want them together !


aww i cried while watching this scene its heart breaking.
im glad Chuck is maturing he LOVES Blair so much that hes willing to let her go and wants her to be happy even if its not with him. This was my favorite scene my other favorite scene was when Nate was telling Chuck to man up and to tell Blair how he really feels and to otherwise let her go. xoxo


I love leeighton, she looks so beautiful here. Oh da way her eyes well up, totally broke my heart...


Yes, I love Ed and Leighton's acting in this! Chuck had tears in his eyes as he said' It's just a game. I hate to lose. Your free to go! Then his jaw tightens up as he says 'Because I love her. And I can't make her happy'. Great Chair scene!


If people think that chuck doesn't love blair than they need to see this scene! i cant wait for the finale!!!!

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