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A sneak preview of "The Wrath of Con," the May 4, 2009 episode of Gossip Girl.

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i kind of hate nate, he always say stupid things!!! and never know who he wants first he was soo inlove with serena, then blar, then jenny, then vanessa, and now blair again, i think tomorrows he is gonna like georgina or i dont know, and i really hope blair keeps with chuck they are perfect for eachoter,


Shut up! Really??


This is how the convo continues: (NOT REAL) C - You want her?! You already have her, stop rubbing it in my face. N - Then why does it feel like I don't? C - Nate you have to trust her. She deserves that at least. You know I think she's a better friend then you ever were, so if you hurt her, you'll have to answer to me. N - How was i not a good best friend to you chuck? What did i do? C - You mean what didn't you do?! When your family was going bankrupt i sold Victorla to help you, when you had father troubles i was there for you, when Skull and Bones wanted your thick head, i protected you., but each time you ditched me for Hunphrey. N - I don't know what your'e talking about. C - and when my father died...(short pause - chuck sounding a bit vulnerable) where were you? Did you even care? Blair was there for me when no one else gave a sh*t. And i can't beleive i hurt her like that. So if your her boyfriend now, you better treat her right. (Angry glare then pushes aside and goes iin the tea room)


This will encourage chuck to admit how he feels to Blair.
I cant wait :D


OmiGAWWD this is Chuck's perfect chance!!! He better go find Blair and tell her he's in love with him...or I will be SOO MAD!!!!


me to I love Chair Nates to obsessive I understand why but he cant be mad at B for Sleeping with chuck because they werent dating and he kind of cheated on her with Serena and he was together with B so he needs to calm down..and Chuck is f_ing amazeing him and be should be together. lol


Blair and Nate belong together.


isnt this where serena gets arrested??


Hopefully that will make Chuck want to say how he really feels about Blair. Even if it's just to prove Nate wrong.


spoken like a true man. i just love it when they fight over blair!

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