Told You I Was Real

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In this clip from "These Ties That Bind," Izzie has an interesting encounter in the bedroom. It's not what it sounds like.

What is wrong with you people!?!?!?!?!?it would be very stupid to bring back denny...this few scenes are stupid too.Izzy and Alex are perfect couple!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love denny please bring him back , i think that izzy & denny presents a real love in grey'anatomy love without insinct.


please bring back denny i love him i woyld like to meet him i do anything to see him. i dont now very good the languits.


He's Jeffery Dean Morgan! He ALWAYS comes back! Seriously, I know there are going to be those who think this whole Denny thing is close to if not totally jumping the shark, but remember, this is tv. It's entertainment. Seeing Denny with Izzy seems like the most natural (Supernatural!) thing in the world. I still think this could be the brain tumor that gets Heigl out of her contract, but, whatever. Denny is back. Just go with it.


Please, please, please bring back Denny permanently - I don't care how you do it! There is such a deep chemistry between Denny and Izzy. It is my favorite storyline, I will not move from the tv or answer the phone when Denny is on the show. I would love to see their love overcome death; or better yet, make the death never have happened!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Cristina: So Sadie, you postponed your residency to work in a ... morgue.
Sadie: Yeah, you know, none of the cutting, none of the rules. But I got bored. Got a craving for blood that was flowing.
Meredith: And now you're here. I can't believe you're here!

I've seen a lot of trauma, but never anything like this.


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The uniform The Uniform The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra iTunes
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