True Blood

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True blood
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I hope Jessica gets hers; after everything Jason did for her! I liked her until she became as selfish as her maker! Jason did a lot for Hoyt his whole life, he had Jessica's blood plus her throwing herself at him! I hope Eric ends up w/Sookie; although I hate the show is ending! It's been a disappointing ending so far! Sam's an idiot if he thinks he can escape the supernatural in Chicago & it took all of 5 minutes after Luna died for him to fall in love w/someone too naive to listen to him when they met!

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Eric: I've tried trusting, I've tried sharing and it's just not fucking working for me. Now are you with me or not?
Pam: Oh I am so fucking with you.

If you're feeling this nostalgic Bill, I gotta ask what the fuck? Cause to my mind nostalgia and suicide? Don't mix.