True Blood Season Two Clip

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In this scene from the second season of True Blood, Bill and Sookie have a fight in the car causing Sookie to take off and run into the forest. While out there, something chases her! Watch to see!

me gusta este programa mucho nunca me lo pierdo pero que pena que se este acabando asta el otro ano. Iam very sorry I not write in english there is uno thin I LOVE THIS TV SERIE AND THE GUYS ARE VERY VERY HOTTTTTTTTTT lol


I love a true blood so much it's great series to watch on hbo
and i really enjoy more then any other tv show since buffy the vampire slayer.
My favorite actress of 2 is rutina wesley and anna p.
thank you
for let give comment on
True Blood.

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True Blood Quotes

Everyone I love leaves, everything I touch dies, so forgive me if I don't share your faith in my lord.


Never underestimate the power of blind faith. It can manifest itself in ways that bend the laws of physics or break them entirely


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