Two and a Half Men Promo: "The Straw In My Donut Hole"

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Welcome to Two and a Half Men, Jason Alexander. See the former Seinfeld star as Alan's doctor in this CBS promo.
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I am a woman. I hate women's conferences and pttery much most church events that are geared towards women. I just get angry when I see lacy tablecloths and flowers everywhere GRR.I might actually go to one if they had a chocolate fountain but what's this ridiculousness about getting nails done? Getting a massage? Shopping with other women?????Too much estrogen! AAAAHHH!I've gotta go punch something.And just to confuse everyone, let it be known that I am currently wearing pink toenail polish.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 23 Quotes

I try not to insult people who can come back and haunt me.


Alan: Hello, Doctor.
Cardiologist: Well, I have got some good news .
Alan: Well, let me have it.
Cardiologist: I am banging my receptionist.