Vampire Diaries Fan: How Show Changed My Life

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How has The Vampire Diaries influenced at least one's fan life? Watch this amazing video for the answer.
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I've went through depression, and through that I only had one escape > The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Many times I thought I'd give up but two of them shows gave me strength to go on. In fact, they shaped who I am today. Ian Somerhalder is my main inspirer! I've been through many things > hearing about people close to me being abused, my depression, and something awful happening to two of my brothers, I got bullied and had a hard time focusing in school. I didn't give up because of them two shows! Each character taught me something I would need in life e.g Katherine taught me to survive but she died with her daughter, and if that's not a worthy enough reason to give in... I don't know what is! And many other good things came out of me not giving in too! I became a vegetarian which helps animals and the environment in many ways, I became an anchor for someone else to also not give in! And also, I stopped someone from cutting themselves. There's a lot more to be said but TVD and TO taught me not give in and show humanity to everyone and everything!


Simply Awesome ..its exactly why im going thru except for the DAD part ..He'll never watch it with me ..You're Awesome


now this is awesome

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