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This is the season two trailer Vampire Diaries fans have been waiting for. It shows new footage from the season, including a great deal of Katherine.

So. Ordinarily I would be cheering The Pretty Reckless on the coverage they're getting, having their song on the season 2 premier trailer of one of the hottest shows on television. (And I have no idea how that happened seeing as Taylor Momsen was booted from the CW's Gossip Girl for "creative differences". Remarkable the network is still backing her.) But I live in Australia, where TVD is aired on this new free-to-air channel called "Go", and they've taken this trailer and matched it up with a different song! And the Florence and the Machine song that goes with the stunning promo clip has also been replaced! Really disrespect Go at the moment, even if they are the only channel in Oz that's showing TVD.


@rosie, and @ beckki actaully thats stefan at 0:57...thats from lost girls in season 1...him and katherine OMG cant wait


Caaaaaaaaan't Wait =D


thanks !!


Love! Love! Love It!


make me wanna die by: the pretty little reckless


what is the name of the song playing in this promo??? does anybody know ?


i'm oficially speachless
and i can't wait till the premiere


@Rosie - at 0:57 its damon not jeremy! can't wait XD


I can just about forgive them for Taylor Momsen after seeing Nina and Ian on the floor. So glad we get to see them like that without losing the real Delena foreplay banter haha. Also, 0.57 = Jeremy? Sometimes they put in stuff that isn't accurate just for effect. And Steven was saying how he might be sleeping around this season. Just an idea. SO EXCITED. NEARLY TWO WEEKS.

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When 9 Russians tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

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