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A promo for the 100th episode of Grey's Anatomy. Looks like a great event.

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    Gry's Anatomy my favorite perfect I love Alex


    i heard that der & mer don't get married tonite and that it ens up being alex & izzie so it being alex up there would make sense.


    i can't wait to see it!!!!
    i think its alex too...but why?
    i'm so nervous


    eu adoro assistir greys anatomy, assisti todas as temporadas,mas estou triste pela izzie stevens, gostaria de saber se realmente ela irá morrer? Ela não vai conseguir sair dessa,será mais uma vitima dessa doença maldita? Vão realmente continuar nos fazendo crer que essa vida é assim mesmo? Preciso dessa resposta ...obggggggggggg


    That promo was so good just watched it. That doesn't look like derek at the alter:(

    I really want to watch t now!!!


    I don't know about that ;I'm not sure it's Alex
    But I'm sure it's not Mark .His hair is lighter in colour.
    Anyways I just love this promo ,they alwyas make great promos.

    I'm lookin forward to seeing the wedding and how it goes with Izzie's tumor and with Christina's messed up ex


    Dude, that's totally Alex at the alter, you can see his stubble if you go frame by frame (I'm a geek I know). What is the likelyhood of Der asking Alex to be up there? Could it be mark?

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