While You Weren't Sleeping Promo: Extended

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The extended version of the promo for next week's Gossip GIrl. "While You Weren't Sleeping" airs February 21, 2011.
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Chuck, you just got SLAPED!
Lily should also attempt to discipline Serena with a good one in the face too - LOL
And Ben's mother, SHE REALLY DESERVED ONE IN THE BONEY FACE on "Empire Of The Son"


OMG chuck must give up this plan into winning Raina back for good,and save his families empire,oh and getting back together with Blair for good. I hope Taylor Momson comes back as jenny humphrey for the rest of season 4,the begining and end of season 5 and season 6 of G.G. so can Jenny became Nate´s permanent love interest.


Oh My God. That was the most perfect and accurate criticism I've ever heard of this Very messed up show. I love Gossip Girl and I probably always will, but to be fair, the only reason i even watch the show anymore is out of forced habbit, some vague loyalty, futile hope that oneday it will rise to it's prior fame and my obsession with Chair.
They have their golden moments but its sad considering I loved the show long before Chair even existed and now find them (or these days Dair) the only highlight in the entire 45 mins. It's sad when Blake Lively is completely justified in wanting her character KILLED OFF becuase i would beg for that being in her shoes, or even being a viewer. It's sad when the Pilot episode showed characters- ALL of which had such POTENTIAL (Jenny perhaps more than anyone) and today I can practically see them wither before my eyes. It's really sad when EVERY plotline- be it Juliet or Ben or Raina or Thorpe or Jack or Scott simply do nothing to bring the show back to it;s former glory but just make it sink further.
And it's sad because this show has such a loyal fandome and no one can bear to see GG get cancelled but can hardly bear to make sense out of the bizzare plotlines either.


The slap is great! Sometimes Chuck really deserves it.
Is that Vanessa? Hope they have something interesting with her this time. It's Eric's birthday so I hope Jenny will come around too!


Damn Chuck needs to call Social Services lol, You know Lily should also slap Serena.


Oh and I forgot about Scott. The lurker. Although that was the dumbest plot line out of season three, neither Lily nor Rufus bother to check up on their son that they were so desperate to find. Agghhh, Rufus used to be a good parent but since he hooked up with Lily, he's sent his daughter away instead of dealing with her and sent a former convict/romantic interest to Serena to live with his son without so much as a text message of forewarning. Now he spends all of his time with someone else's kids, eating cake and not bothering to invite his children to the "family" celebration. Lovely.


How many times is Lily going to slap her "son"? And...the best mother of the year award goes to!!!!! At least the first time Lily was partially justified. Now the writers are just recycling old plot points, praying that we don't notice. And who is Lily to be mad at Chuck in the first place? This woman has cheated on his father, multiple times, before and after they were married. Also she was seen with Rufus before Bart was even cold in the ground. She doesn't bother to lift a finger to find him after he disappears to Thailand, you know the safest place for a teenager to be. Then he's shot and missing again in Paris, so what does she do? She sends her teenage daughter (who by the way has the IQ of a houseplant) to "identify the body" because she's soooooo busy. She then takes over the company from Chuck to "protect" his future. After fucking that up she proceeds to go behind his back and sells it on him. Also, she's the reason that Thorpe is after Chuck and she doesn't bother to patch that up either. OR be honest for once with either her "son" or husband. And she has the audacity to be shocked and hurt when Chuck no longer wants her on the board of Bass Industries? Also, losing your temper once is forgivable but twice? Argh she's really starting to piss me off. Team Chuck on this one. Don't let the bitch get one more penny from your father's hard earned legacy. Also, Lily is ignoring the fact that her 17 year old son was on drugs and has no friends, except a drug dealer that used to have his claws in her 16 year old step daughter. And that same step daughter so screwed up that she has to live in Hudson. Eric is being black mailed because of her crap and she's not giving him the slightest bit of attention, instead leaving that to Rufus. Who doesn't give a damn either. Her daughter is pissed at her for sending her teacher to jail, without bothering to tell her. Then she tries to buy him off to leave town and because she got him paroled, which still makes it impossible for him to teach, she thinks that Serena should come crawling back. The only normal one out of the Bass-Humphrey-Van der Woodsen clan is DAN!!! Meanwhile he's currently half in love with his step sister and half in love with his step-sisters-best-friend/sometimes enemy and the one responsible for banishing his own sister!

Inate archibald

yes another chuck slap



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Serena: Sorry if we kept you up last night. We were playing Scrabble.
Ben: She fell asleep to avoid losing.
Dan: Since when do you enjoy Scrabble?

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