An AIM Interview With Katharine McPhee

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Mobbed by fans in public, confessing her personal struggles and generally making headlines everywhere she goes, Katharine McPhee is already a star. But the American Idol runner-up still has time for us geeks.

Second to One
The lovely, computer-savvy 22-year old singer is the subject of AOL Music's latest AIM interview. In her instant messages with some lucky dude from AOL, Katharine discussed what it felt like to be on American Idol, what projects she's working on, what she thinks of Iran's nuclear aspirations and a whole lot more. The full transcript appears below.

[NOTE: McPhee is "KatharineIdol"]
[NOTE: She is now on my Buddy List]
[NOTE: She is not online right now]

AOLMusicScottB: hey hey
KatharineIdol: yay
AOLMusicScottB: Where are you IMing from?
KatharineIdol: From my parents house
AOLMusicScottB: you actually have some time off?
KatharineIdol: well yesterday was my only day off
KatharineIdol: I have a photo shoot today
AOLMusicScottB: for the new record?
KatharineIdol: No for OK mag. That shoot will be later this month
KatharineIdol: all my friends are IMing right now!!! AHHHHH
AOLMusicScottB: hahaha
KatharineIdol: yep
AOLMusicScottB: How crazy is everything right now?
KatharineIdol: Pretty crazy
KatharineIdol: My phone has rung about 25 times in the last hour during these interviews
KatharineIdol: I should probably go get it. One sec
AOLMusicScottB: wow, i definitely don't have that problem
KatharineIdol: You don't want that problem
AOLMusicScottB: maybe it's paula abdul asking you on a date?
KatharineIdol: Hahaha
KatharineIdol: No time for dates
KatharineIdol: I can't wait to get out of the country where my phone can't ring
AOLMusicScottB: i'm sure. does it even matter anymore if you come in 1st or 2nd on american idol?
KatharineIdol: I don't think it matters
KatharineIdol: I think I'm going to be fine
KatharineIdol: As long as I get to perform in some kind of way i will be happy
AOLMusicScottB: you gonna try and pull a clay and outshine taylor?
KatharineIdol: I'm just trying to do the best that I can. I'm not trying to outshine anyone really. I'm just in competition with myself
KatharineIdol: that would be cool if I could have as much success as Clay though
AOLMusicScottB: true.
AOLMusicScottB: when you lost you didn't look surprised at all... were you expecting it?
KatharineIdol: I was just happy to be where I was
KatharineIdol: Everyone keeps saying that. I don't know what the other reactions were from the runners up from passed seasons, but you have to be pretty humbled to simply just be where you are
KatharineIdol: Someone has to win
AOLMusicScottB: i'd be pissed and prob would have jumped simon and maybe paula too
KatharineIdol: HAHAHAHA
KatharineIdol: that would have been a site to see
KatharineIdol: I would have liked to be at your finale
AOLMusicScottB: i prob couldn't take him, but paula i think i could handle.
AOLMusicScottB: yeah, you could have seen it on american idol and then right after on cops
KatharineIdol: I think you could handle all of em
KatharineIdol: exactly
AOLMusicScottB: so you've seen how buff i am then.
KatharineIdol: This is much better than regular interview over the phone
KatharineIdol: I have been stalking you
AOLMusicScottB: sweet
AOLMusicScottB: just had to check the windows real quick like to make sure you weren't out there.
KatharineIdol: I am you just can't see me. I have had a lot of experience
KatharineIdol: hehe
AOLMusicScottB: multi talented
KatharineIdol: Very
AOLMusicScottB: speaking of which
KatharineIdol: Yes?
AOLMusicScottB: i hear you have an interest in acting?
KatharineIdol: Yes I do, I have been working on an acting career for years before I even auditioned for idol
AOLMusicScottB: any offers yet?
KatharineIdol: No just have a couple of projects that I’m up for but no for sure things yet
KatharineIdol: I want to make very smart decisions when it does come time to take a part
KatharineIdol: I want it to be something that I know I can do well in
KatharineIdol: It's all about making smart choices from here on out
AOLMusicScottB: no from justin to kelly part 2?
KatharineIdol: I don't think so
KatharineIdol: hahaha
AOLMusicScottB: so your single comes out on the 27th of june, how excited are you?
KatharineIdol: So exciting
KatharineIdol: I hope my fans enjoy it
AOLMusicScottB: i'm already in line waiting for it
KatharineIdol: ahhh sucks!!! thanks
AOLMusicScottB: and getting a little dehydrated actually
KatharineIdol: You better cuz now you’re on my buddy list. that means we’re friends
KatharineIdol: Drink some water
AOLMusicScottB: bff
KatharineIdol: till we die
KatharineIdol: and then after
AOLMusicScottB: exactly
AOLMusicScottB: you go on tour soon too are you ready?
KatharineIdol: yea very excited to play those big houses
AOLMusicScottB: you should learn how to do backflips like B5
AOLMusicScottB: that would rule
KatharineIdol: Already working on it
AOLMusicScottB: ok, a couple more very important questions and you are free to go
AOLMusicScottB: If you had to be in either Slayer or Motorhead, which band would you be in?
KatharineIdol: AHHH motorhead
AOLMusicScottB: good call
KatharineIdol: much better
KatharineIdol: thats like death metal, my kind of stuff
KatharineIdol: haha
AOLMusicScottB: secondly, and equally as important, do you think iran has nukes? and if not how far away are they?
KatharineIdol: what?
AOLMusicScottB: good answer, you'll make a great politician
KatharineIdol: yes I would
AOLMusicScottB: ok, any last words to your fans?
KatharineIdol: that I love them and that I'm eternally grateful to them for getting me to the position that im at today
KatharineIdol: they are the greatest
KatharineIdol: And so are you!!!
KatharineIdol: hehe
AOLMusicScottB: hahah
AOLMusicScottB: ok, go answer your phone. thanks for taking the time
AOLMusicScottB: peace
KatharineIdol: my pleasure
KatharineIdol: peace out

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