McPhee Shares Her View On Cokas

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There's so much Katharine McPhee news these days, we can barely even digest it all. With her voice rested and career opportunities abounding, the 22-year old co-hosted The View with Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck yesterday morning. Katharine looked glowing as usual, and was unfazed when her co-hosts gave her some friendly razzing over the age difference between herself and beau Nick Cokas.

Katharine McPhee On The View

The dialogue:

Joy: "Don’t you have a boyfriend also now these days?"
Katharine: "Yes."
Joy: "Tell us about him."
Katharine: "He’s cool. His name’s Nick and we’ve been together for about a year."
Barbara: "He’s a little older than you?"
Katharine: "Oh, a little... 19 years!"
Elisabeth: "What does your dad think about that?"
Katharine: "Everyone was pretty cool about it in the beginning. You know, it happens a lot, and it is a lot of years but I’ve always been a little bit older than I am."
Joy: "Think of it this way; when you’re sixty he’ll be eighty."
Katharine: "I mean it isn’t really that big of a difference... once you’re old, you’re old!"

Not sure how Barbara Walters felt about that last comment, but it's good to see McPhee healthy, happy with Nick and in good spirits.

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