Who Says You Can't Take it With You?

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What can't the American Idol finalists live without?

A lot of things, ranging from the physically essential (insulin) to the spiritual (the Bible) to the emotional (a blanket from home). As they kick off their 51-city tour in Manchester, N.H., the awesome Idols told People Magazine what special things they'll be taking with them on the road. The tour begins July 5. That's today!


Ace Young
"I have two things: a bracelet that my fans made for me that says Ace Music on it and beanies so I can throw them out to fans. I have over 300 made. They're going to have a logo that my fans and I have put together." -- Ace Young

"A Taylor travel guitar. It's a little bitty one. It'll go in the bunk with me." -- Taylor Hicks

"A couple pictures of my family and my dog Lily." -- Katharine McPhee

"I have to bring my cowboy hat, black and brown." -- Bucky Covington

"My Bible, of course. The Psalms is a really great book because it runs every emotion possible. I imagine I could use that on tour." -- Mandisa

Elliott Yamin
"My teddy bear. I got it for my Sweet 16 birthday last year and he's still alive. He's a caramel color and so soft. I bought him a new outfit because I just turned 17 on June 13." -- Lisa Tucker

"My little blankie from home. I've had it ever since I was little. It was passed along my family from my grandparents, from grandma to grandma to grandma." -- Kellie Pickler

"My stuffed-animal SpongeBob and my SpongeBob blanket. Kellie's blankie is not as cool as mine!" -- Paris Bennett

"Insulin. I really can't live without it (as a diabetic)." -- Elliott Yamin

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