Katherine Heigl Shares Insight On Being Knocked Up (On Film)

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As we've reported previously, Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl has been filming a movie in which she plays as a journalist whose life quickly goes awry after a one-night stand with a goofball named Ben. Below, Katherine shares some of her impressions of Knocked Up, which is currently in post-production and slated for a 2007 release.

On the Tone of Knocked Up:
Katherine Heigl: All Smiles

"What I like about [Director] Judd [Apatow] and his style is that he's taking stuff that everybody can relate to -- relationship issues and hormone issues -- and kind of exaggerating it enough to be funny, but it's still honest and realistic. It takes a very sort of hard look at what it's like to be in a situation like this and make it work and try to be responsible and try to do the right thing."

"And try to be a grown-up because you're about to have a baby, but still being a child in a lot of ways. I feel like it's going to be real funny. It's kind of right up my alley as far as the humor goes, but it's also very sort of poignant and honest."

On the Knocked Up Backstory:

"It's just a one-night stand. She goes out to celebrate her promotion because they made her an on-air interviewer and she's all excited about it. She goes out with her sister to celebrate at a club downtown and has too much to drink and she brings home Ben [played by Seth Rogen]. And then I have to [contact] Ben eight weeks later via his website. She doesn't even have his cell phone number. She just has to look him up on the web. It's bad."

On her character’s attraction to Rogen’s character:

"I think that what she realizes pretty early on, when they kind of start dating to see if it's going to go anywhere and if they can make it work, is that he's a really nice guy with a big heart. He means well. He's a bit of a doof and he makes some sort of silly and stupid choices, but ultimately he means well."

"I think she starts to get his sense of humor. I think in the beginning they're kind of off, they don't get each other and she doesn't get his jokes and thinks he's serious and is offensive and whatever. Then she starts to realize, 'Oh he's actually really funny and charming in his own way and a very kind, good person.'"

On Her Fake Pregnancy Belly:

"It's not that bad. It's pretty light so it's not that heavy or anything. It kind of forces you to waddle a little bit, but that's probably a good thing because it keeps you in character. I couldn't believe it. They make that thing every single day and it looks so lifelike. It has veins in it. It's weird. It's bizarre, but it was fun."

On Playing an Entertainment Journalist:

"I went to the MTV Movie Awards as a journalist for E! or an interviewer... an on-TV whatever... and it was really bizarre, because I was actually interviewing Jessica Alba and Owen Wilson and Steve Carell, who had all agreed to do it for the fun of the film. I was kind of standing behind the ropes with everybody else trying to get elbow room, like 'Hey, get out of my shot!' It was really fun."

On Interviewing Celebs:

"I feel like the waiting must be so boring, just waiting and waiting for somebody to show up and give you an interview. And then having to shout out people's names... 'Oh wait, will you come back and give me an interview?' You know, it's a little, 'Oh God, this is embarrassing.' It's a tough job. I wouldn't want to do it."

On Working with Judd Apatow:

"I'm a huge 40-Year-Old Virgin fan. I'd seen it like three times, in theaters. I didn't even wait for the DVD. I was just going back with my friends and my family, and then my friends again. So when I got the call to audition for the part, I was just really nervous and really excited to meet these people who made one of my favorite movies. I loved the script immediately. I thought it was super funny and, again, it was just my kind of humor. I'm a big Tommy Boy fan and I like really funny movies."

"These guys, we sit around all day just thinking of funny things to say and joking around... We kind of just sit out on the lawn in the sun and hang out between takes. It has a very family vibe here. Everybody kind of knows one another and has worked with each other before. They've been really wonderfully accepting of me and bringing me into the fold. It's just been really fun. They're great."

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