Kellie's "Red High Heels" Kick Some Butt!

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It may not have been easy to take the calamari-phobic gal from Albemarle, N.C., seriously, at first, but Kellie Pickler has won us over.

Pick Pickler!
Her debut single, "Red High Heels," has been out for just a few days now, and already, having heard it streaming over Internet radio stations, it made us wonder how we ever doubted her... or why we don't listen to more country!

"Red High Heels" is a terrific little ditty about a small-town gal who's finally finished with a ne'er-do-well man. The song comes complete with lyrics about putting a barbed wire fence around her heart, and kickin' his broke behind to the curb.

In short, it's vintage Kellie Pickler. Great stuff, sung with a natural exuberance that has me ready to grab a marker and a piece of poster-board and write "Pick Pickler!"

Sorry, that was lame. But we're excited to add her upcoming CD to our collection of American Idol albums! Is it November yet?

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