Katharine McPhee Make Up, Style Tips

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We may know a lot about the music of Katharine McPhee - but we aren't exactly style experts.

Fortunately, Us Weekly recently spoke to those that are. The magazine talked to McPhee's hairstylist, Campbell, along with her make up artist, Jake Bailey. Just how did they decide upon this beauty's look for the Billboard Music Awards?

First, there was Jake's no-smudge mascara trick of putting cardboard right under the lashes while applying.

Then, to get Katharine's hair wild and rock 'n' roll-like, Campbell scrunch-dried it and started curling it on a medium barrel iron from the bottom of her head up. From there, he took random sections between the curls, braided them, and ran a flat iron over them to lock in the wave. (It's not so easy to be an American Idol, is it?)

McPhee Gets Ready

Now shake it out and you have a fabulous wavy texture to toughen up the curls. To keep it locked in place for the big show, Campbell gave McPhee's hair more than one spritz of hair spray.

When it came to make up, Bailey said:

"Simply Katherine herself. She is such a natural beauty."

To keep the singer from looking washed out on camera, Jake used a slightly darker foundation on her face, followed by a dusting of Benefit's Dallas blush which he says "has just the right amount of shimmer to highlight the apples of her cheeks when she flashes her gorgeous smile."

He also used Prescriptives Liner in Jet on her eyes. He finished her off with a waterproof lip liner from Styli-Style and Chanel Glossimer in Pagoda.

Got all that? You can take a look at other Katharine McPhee pictures if you want more of an idea of how her looks vary.

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