Bucky Covington Sends a Message to His Fans

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Bucky Covington isn't letting a little divorce get him down. Through his music label, the American Idol finalist recently posted the following message for fans to enjoy:

Hey there, Bucky Covington here. You may have been one of the 30 million people who watched Idol last year, and if so, you saw me as one of the finalists in last season. I just signed a record deal with Lyric Street Records, home to Rascal Flatts and Josh Gracin from Idol Season 2. I’m keeping pretty busy with recording my album, radio visits, media appearances and tour dates, but in between I’m going to be keeping a blog here at Idol Chatter, so check back every week to find out the latest.

I bought a house not too long ago. It's not a real big mansion - you haven't seen the album go to No. 1, so you can understand that. But it's nice and roomy and it's out in the Franklin area, just outside Nashville.

Bucky Covington Sends a Message to His Fans

My brother, Rocky, and my sister-in-law are moving in with me. He'll be my drummer on the tour, but right now we're out visiting radio stations, so there's nothing for him to do. There ain't no sense in him paying rent, so I just said, "Man, I got a house that I'm never in. Y'all would be doing me a favor by coming up and moving in with me."I thought I had it made, because they were going to move me in and I wouldn't have to do any of the moving. But when I got to thinking about it, I think I just bought them a house.

Most everybody knows that Rocky and I are identical twins. The funny thing is, my manager, Ron Harris, he's also an identical twin. Each of us was each born three minutes apart. Rocky looks a lot like me – the hair and everything else is just alike. So a lot of people come up to him and, thinking he's me, they’ll say something like, "Hey, are you Bucky?" Then, when he goes, "No, I'm actually his brother," they'll say something like, "You should've said you were Bucky. That way, you could've signed my kid's autograph."

I think we're going to be on this radio tour for three or four weeks. Last week, we were in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Before that, it was Memphis, Arkansas and Texas. Hobie Hubbard and Shayne Hill from Sawyer Brown are going out to some of the stations with me to play guitar and keyboard. (Mark Miller, the group's singer, is producing my album.)

I hope to get my album done this week. Better hurry since it’s coming out April 17. Mark and I are going down to West Palm Beach in Florida this weekend, and we'll try to finish it there. Shayne, who plays lead guitar for Sawyer Brown, and Joe Scholten, the group's bass player, are both on it. All the music and everything's already laid down.

I've just got to go put the vocals on. I heard the four songs we've already finished, including the first single A Different World - and you can hear those on my Myspace page - and I thought, "Man, it's going to be tough to find seven more songs to compete with these." But I think it's going to be a really good album. I'm excited about it.

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