Lupus Foundation of America Salutes Leslie Hunt

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The following is a press release:

The Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. congratulates Leslie Hunt, of Chicago, Illinois for making it into the Top 24 finalists on American Idol.

Leslie Hunt on Idol
Hunt was diagnosed with lupus at a young age and includes on her American Idol profile that living with the autoimmune disease was the toughest obstacle of her life. Now 24, she has a new passion for life and is taking a proactive approach to overcoming the limitations she experienced while growing up with lupus.

Lupus is a chronic disease where the immune system goes into overdrive, attacking the body's own healthy tissue causing severe inflammation, pain, and tissue damage to various parts of the body. Lupus can lead to organ failure, disability, or death. The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 1.5 million Americans have lupus. Ninety percent of the people with lupus are women.

On behalf of the millions of Americans who are directly and indirectly affected by lupus, the Lupus Foundation of America extends its best wishes to Leslie Hunt on her journey to become the next American Idol. Her efforts will inspire all who are greatly impacted by lupus and struggle on a daily basis with the debilitating and disabling consequences of the disease.

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