American Idol Auditions: The Top 8 Men

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We're almost there, fans. The finals. The top six men. Let's get right down to tonight's performances, shall we, Ryan Seacrest?

- Ummm ... Blake Lewis is scaring us. Good thing the guy can sing. We doubt he has a career in comedy. Anyway, this song doesn't really show any vocal range, but we're sure the fans will love it. It's fun.

- Sanjaya Malakar looks very different. Again. He's going for the straight-haired, feminine look. And singing John Mayer helps with that image. Know what we're waiting on, Sanjaya? For the American Idol world to change ... as a result of you being voted out of it.

The Final 16
- Ryan calls out Paula Abdul and her hair. And the judges laugh for more than 12 minutes about it.

- Okay, Sundance Head, please blow it off the stage for us after that performance. Certainly a crowd pleaser with Pearl Jam. We can't find any fault with it.

- Hi, Travis Tritt - and this random Randy Jackson producing plug.

- Let's hear from Chris Richardson. He's slow, seductive .... and he's "in it to win it," says Randy Jackson. Paula also loves the song choice. And Simon is positive, but believes the best is still to come from this gentleman.

- Oh gosh. They are still talking about the Jared Cotter face slap. Even more surprising? Paula is more negative than Randy. Simon is right, though, that Cotter didn't do anything special to stand out. Still, the ladies love this guy.

- Sorry, Brandon Rogers, but we aren't too shocked about your piano playing skills. We are impressed, though. Fun song choice. But will he get to celebrate life as an American Idol singer still next week? Simon likes him, but isn't sure.

- Phil Stacey is going LeAnn Rimes on us. We admire the courage. But the outfit and eyes scare us. And we're not alone, as Simon mentioned the baby blues. And that leads to an annoying exchange between him and Ryan.

- Nice. Carrie Underwood performs for us Thursday night - and more of the surprise is revealed.

- Lastly, we have one of the male favorites. Please end this night on a high note, Chris Sligh. Randy says it was the best vocal of a weak night. Paula, once again, is calm ... and negative. Wow.

Our picks to be voted off: Sanjaya (PLEASE!) and Phil.

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