Antonella Barba Commentary: Booted American Idol Contestants, Hugh Hefner Speak Out

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Antonella Barba in Playboy? Based on the recent controvsery surrounding this American Idol singer, that wouldn't be so shocking.

Laura Saltman of Access Hollywood was at the Playboy Mansion for the party celebrating the season three premiere of the E! channel's The Girls Next Door and asked for the Playboy boss's take on the racy photographs courtesy of this New Jersey native.

Antonella Barba Pic
"She really looks sexy here," Hugh Hefner said upon seeing the Barba photos.

Asked if he would consider making Antonella an offer to pose for Playboy should she be voted off Idol early, Hefner answered: "Very real possibility. Yes, absolutely."

Elsewhere, the contestants that ere voted out of American Idol last week were asked about the pictures, as well.

Leslie Hunt, the 24-year-old Chicago native, said: "There's certain hype that comes with her, and that's not really something I understand. It doesn't excite me that she has pictures like that. I mean, who doesn't? Whatever, get over it. But I knew getting into this that it wasn't just about singing."

Alaina Alexander bombed out with the Dixie Chicks song "Not Ready to Make Nice," but wasn't afraid of any Antonella-type pictures getting her into trouble.

"No, I wasn't worried," Alaina said in response to a question about racy photos she may have. "It's unfortunate when that happens, but you have to keep going. I didn't really pay attention to the Internet or newspaper so I could stay focused, but I overheard people talking about it. Antonella's strong and doing just fine and she'll pull through."

But what about the fellas? Are they surfing the Web, looking for Antonella Barba nude? And were the guys talking about what happened with her. AJ Tabaldo responded to the inquiries.

"There's some sleazy people out there doing sleazy things and I feel bad for her, but she's beautiful and she's going to do well. But we tried to stay away from it."

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