Bucky Covington Diaries: Take Five

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It's time for our weekly blog from Bucky Covington. Read the singer's thoughts right here and now ...

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Kellie Pickler and I got to be real good friends on American Idol. She's completely awesome, and I love her to death. Sometimes she'll do stuff you just can't believe.

A couple weeks ago, we were both in town and went out to eat – Carraba's, I think – and then we rode my bike for a little while before we came back to my house. My brother's wife had cooked a pot roast, so we were standing around in the kitchen, eating the pot roast with a big spoon. So when my dog, Slim, came up, Kellie took the spoon and started feeding Slim with it. Then she stuck it right back into the pot roast.

Now, it didn't bother me – I was full, so I was laughing. But after I took her home and went riding the bike a little more, I came back and the pot roast was gone. So everybody else ate after Slim!

This past week I finished my album and turned it in to Lyric Street Records. I think it's in production now, getting the booklet printed and the labels and everything put on. I can't wait to check that out. I've seen what it looks like, but I want to see one shrink-wrapped. This is for real.

Also, I put my band together. It's going to be a guy named Shaun Vells on guitar – Sarah Buxton recommended him to me; my brother, Rocky, on drums; Don Medlock is my bass player; and a guy named Hans Nelson is going to be on keys.

I’m still on the road visiting radio. Last week, we went to Columbia, S.C., then to Spokane, Washington, and Portland, Ore. My manager, Don Harris, and the record-label rep were with us in Spokane, and the label guy couldn't park worth a flip. We had this Infiniti SUV and when you put it in reverse, it had a camera that showed you exactly what was behind you. It had a graph on the camera, so you could see where you were supposed to stop.

And it even beeped when you got close. So parking should've been the easiest thing in the world. But even with all that stuff he couldn't park it worth anything.

I'll be in New York Wednesday doing Live With Regis and Kelly and performing my single "A Different World." That’s going to be awesome - I'll tell you all about that next week.

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