Chris Sligh Talks About American Idol Elimination

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As is a weekly tradition, the latest American Idol victim recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly. Here's some of what Chris Sligh had to say ...

Have you rewatched the performance?
I went back and watched it like 15 times on YouTube and I was like, ''I really don't think it was off.'' But I had packed my bags Wednesday morning because I know enough about the show to know that you don't get horrible comments like that and get to stay.

Well, maybe you get to bottom three, but were you shocked you were the one going home?

I knew [Phil Stacey] wasn't going home because he did really well. He and I are really close and we're roommates now. And Haley Scarnato has had two or three weeks where she's been on the rise because of her hot pants. With her rising and because of my last few weeks, I knew I was falling, so I was about 99.5 percent sure I was going home.

Sligh Speaks
I hear you made a bet with Phil...
Yeah, I made a bet during the day with Phil Stacey that I was going home so I got $50. But it was good because I went around to Dean and Miles, the hair stylist and clothing stylist, and said, ''I really appreciate everything you've done.'' They were like, ''Why are you saying that? You're not going home.'' And I was like, ''Yes, I am.''

I was so surprised how apologetic you were to the judges because throughout the season you've really spoken your mind to them. Why so meek this week?
I have kept my mouth shut since the whole comment I made to Simon Cowell about ''Just because I don't sound like Il Divo or the Teletubbies....'' I had a blog up before the show that they had me take down, but the comments people leave go right to my email account. I got hate mail from people saying they hoped I would die or get kicked off the show. People took what I said to Simon as disrespectful but it wasn't. It freaked me out. I went, ''Holy crap.'' There are people who are literally crazy over American Idol. So I just really bit my tongue for the past few weeks.

Tell me more about your fondness for crocheting, knitting, and bongo drums. And did you get that fan question from Ryan ahead of time or was that a spur-of-the-moment response?
No, we got the question ahead of time. I came up with something funny but then people took it as being sarcastic. I was like, ''I'm just being silly!'' When did America stop having a sense of humor? But you know the thing that's great is I'm number 10 on this show. It's given me and my band much more exposure than I ever could have imagined without a major-label deal. Yeah, there are people I would have liked to have made it further than, but if I'm smart and make the right choices I won't ever have to work a real job. I'll just be able to do what I love doing.

What were you going to sing during Tony Bennett week?
I was gonna sing, ''Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On.'' I was really excited. I thought that might be my comeback.

What was your take on the comment that a Bob Jones University spokesman made about being disappointed with the musical direction you went in?
I'm trying to think of how to put this in a way that's nice... It's a sect of Christianity that puts their heads in the sand and doesn't want to engage the world around them. I've talked about it on the show, that I was not able to listen to pop music growing up. To them, it's literally a sin for me to sing pop or rock music. I almost feel sorry for them because life is so much bigger than what they're seeing but at the same time I can respect their beliefs and say, ''God bless you.''

That's very turn-the-other-cheek of you. On another deep topic, do you think taking your glasses off a few weeks ago did you in?
Glasses off
was a bad choice. But I didn't want to be against trying new things and trying to improve upon my look. There were several people on the show who were like, ''Yeah! Try it without glasses!'' At least if you look at the songs I did, I took a lot of chances. That was the way I wanted to go out. I would have rather done ''Every Little Thing'' than ''Give a Little Bit.''

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