Andy Baldwin: What a Hunk!

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Salivation can be an involuntary response.

You know this all too well if you've gazed upon this picture of U.S. Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin, a.k.a. The Bachelor. Unless you're a guy, of course... oh heck, probably even then. The man is a hunk, folks.

Here, Andy Baldwin is seen exercising in Central Park in New York City. The reality TV dreamboat is an undersea specialist in diving. He's also a triathlete ... and a doctor. How is this man single?

Too Hot

Well, the Sports Gal of would tell you in her episode five guide that Baldwin can be a little dorky. But still, come on. Look at those abs. You have to register those things, right?

Suffice it to say, Andy Baldwin is the anti-Dustin Diamond in every conceivable way. Either Tessa Horst or Bevin Powers - whoever wins his heart on Monday - will be a lucky, lucky woman.

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