Heidi Klum Fun Facts

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We all know how beautiful Heidi Klum is. But here are five fun facts about the Project Runway star you may not have known ...

  1. Heidi Klum PicShe has been nicknamed "The Body" as well as "The Muffin." "I was always stuffing my face with muffins," she told CBS's Early Show in August 2006. "I love them. Because in Germany, we have no muffins."
  2. She carries her baby teeth in a pouch when she travels, believing they are good luck charms.
  3. During her childhood, she took jazz and ballet lessons and still finds time to squeeze in an occasional jazz dance lesson at a New York studio. Her other hobbies include skiing, painting large canvases and strolling through flea markets.
  4. A sucker for her mom's cookingâ€" favorites include sauerkraut soup, spinach and white bean soup â€" she also loves her grandmother's potato dumplings and potato salad. Her dessert faves? Black licorice and hazelnut ice cream.
  5. As part of German tradition, Tim Gunn's sidekick yodeled at her wedding to first husband Ric Pipino.

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