Paris Bennett Album Review: Does Princess P Come Through?

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A thank you to USA Today for the following track-by-track review of the latest album from Paris Bennett, Princess P...

1. All Hail the Princess: The ego has landed in this Prince-like conceit. It's probably best taken tongue-in-cheek, as something of a goof, and it's short enough that you can do so.

2. Ordinary Love: Probably my favorite track, an R&B/rock-riffing fusion also singled out in Elysa Gardner's review. Cool stuff.

Paris Bennett Album Review: Does Princess P Come Through?
3. Dreamin': Doesn't really go anywhere or capture your attention, except for the neat backwards guitar figure at the end.

4. Daddy: Sad tune about fatherly neglect, kind of singsongy and dullish, but it wound up building nicely. Not bad.

5. Let Me Rap: This is the one with Kevin Covais, proudly adopting his Chicken Little identity, and it's a total distraction. It's obviously intended to be a goof, and a self-deprecating one ("I'm just tryin' to do better than Kevin Federline," proclaims our Kevin, quickly following with an apology to Federline). But believe me, heard once, you'll never want to hear it again.

6. My Boyfriend's Back: So we've shifted from funk princess mode to teen pop novelty girl. Paris plays it for giggles, and it's kind of likable, even with the added rapping, scratching and occasional updated lyrics ("he's kind of gangsta and he's awful strong"). But we're wandering all over the place musically by now.

7. Can't Control Myself: And matters are further confused by this pretty contemporary R&B ballad with acoustic guitar, one of the best tracks but completely at odds with the preceding two.

8. Duet: Imaginative title for what is in fact a duet, with J. Isaac, and a deathly dull ballad, the nadir of which is the unwelcome appearance of some of those dreaded smurf/Chipmunks sped-up vocals.

9. I'm So Hot (interlude): Now we're back to the original Princess P persona, first with this brief intro, then continuing with ...

10. I'm So Hot: ... the song itself, loaded with wobbly, oscilatting funk riffs, sort of a "queasy listening" sound.

11. Get Bizzy: Another funk tune, but a big improvement, intricate, absorbing sound, another of my favorites.

12. Caught Up: Continues the positive trend with a rather pretty tune.

13. B-Bye: A dullish upbeat number featuring chants of the title phrase, failing to hold much interest.

14. Burnt Up: A pretty good ballad gimmicked up with tons of male vocal interjections, many distorted or slowed down, another Princess of Funk effort.

15. I Will: But enough of that, it's time to close out on a gospel note, with a big chorus plastered over a fairly tedious ballad (although not without its affecting moments).

16. Best Friends: With mom and famous grandmother (Ann Nesby) on board, this turns into a big gospelized diva-fest in which Paris gets lost in the crush of sheer vocal power.

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