Survivor: Fiji Champion Emerges

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The final five were whittled down to the ultimate winner last night in the season finale of Survivor: Fiji. Who won it all?

Some episode highlights:

  1. Yau-Man survived the last tribal council, but he knows he is still a target.
  2. Predictably, Yau-Man's controversial with Dreamz has far-reaching ramifications.
  3. Jeff Probst informs us that there is a new format for the final vote - this season, it's a final three, not final two.

The five remaining Survivor hopefuls return to camp with plenty to process. At the onset, our man Yau-man Chan says it was the talk of his immunity-for-truck deal with Dre "Dreamz" Herd that made him feel it necessary to play the immunity idol.

He made the right choice. But now what?

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The Final Five

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