The Bachelor Hometown Visits: An Exclusive Preview

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The stakes couldn't be higher when Andy Baldwin moves out of the yacht to travel across America for the famed hometown visits on The Bachelor.

Hunky Bachelor

Yes, it's time for Amber, Bevin, Danielle and Tessa to take him to visit their families. In snowy Connecticut, Danielle Imwalle's loving family tries to protect their fragile daughter.

Because she suffered a heartbreaking tragedy when her college boyfriend passed away, the adoring family of Danielle, a.k.a. Dead Boyfriend Girl, wants to be sure she's not headed for another catastrophic event.

Then, at a romantic waterfall setting in Seattle, Bevin Powers takes a real risk, catching Andy Baldwin completely off guard by revealing a secret from her past.

What could it be?

On his next date, the Bachelor visits Tessa Horst in Washington, D.C., with the challenging mission of attempting to win over her skeptical family, while also trying to capture this bachelorette's elusive heart.

Finally, when Andy visits the lovely Amber Alchalabi in Texas, she panics about whether her family will agree to meet him. In a last ditch effort to save the day, Amber calls her aunt and makes a plea for her to join them.

Seemingly unsuccessful, the call leaves Amber Alchalabi in tears and Andy concerned. But the surprise arrival of her aunt changes everything.

Back in Los Angeles, a startling rose ceremony ends in tears for a jilted young lady, while the emotional Lieutenant and Navy diver chooses the final three women to accompany him on the fantastic exotic dates.

Sounds like a lot to handle. As usual, we'll have an episode guide to The Bachelor up as soon as the intense drama pans out.

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