Kendra, Bridget and Holly: The Girls Next Door... to a Prince

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Hugh Hefner and his Girls Next Door are had a fun time in Monte Carlo over the weekend.

But it was almost a dangerous time.

Sexy Lawbreakers

The blondes told Access Hollywood that they weren't aware that they were breaking the law when they were apprehended by police for trespassing on palace grounds last week.

"We went exploring, you know, and we saw McDonalds and, like, everything just led to another," said Kendra Wilkinson. "And we followed the yellow brick road, and we wound up at the palace. And then all of a sudden..."

"We were in trouble," said Bridget Marquardt, finishing Kendra's sentence.

The girls ended up being detained at the police station for the rest of the night, which pissed Kendra off - and for good reason.

"They cut out our drinking time," she remarked. "I was so pissed, I was so mad."

But the their spirits brightened when they actually got to meet the Prince of Monaco a couple days later.

"We got to meet the prince and he was very nice," said Kendra with a laugh. "We just told [him] that we were kind of in trouble in front of his house and he was like, 'really?'"

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