No Lavish Wedding Plans For Ellen Pompeo

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The upcoming wedding of Ellen Pompeo won't be a lavish production, but her co-stars might need to make some travel plans if they want to attend.

"There will be no 'big' anything," the Grey's Anatomy actress, 37, said Saturday at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, a benefit for the homeless in Brentwood, Calif.

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"It's going to be very small."

Aside from that, Ellen and record producer Chris Ivery, who got engaged in November, are keeping mum on the specifics.

But Pompeo hinted that the ceremony won't take place in Los Angeles.

"We were thinking about going away and getting married," she said.

The actress was reunited Saturday night with some of her co-stars for the first time since production on Grey's Anatomy wrapped a few weeks ago.

Also at the gala, which was hosted by Eric Dane's wife, Rebecca Gayheart, were Patrick Dempsey, T.R. Knight, Justin Chambers, Kate Walsh, James Pickens, Jr., and Sara Ramirez.

Ellen Pompeo said that when Ivery proposed to her on her 37th birthday, she was only slightly caught off guard.

"Chris and I have been together for four and a half years," Ellen said. "So I was completely surprised, but at the same time not that surprised. We've been together a while."

Ivery, a Boston-area native like Pompeo, has changed her life because "I just have somebody to share everything with," she said, "all of these moments. The bad ones and the good ones. We have a very strong bond, and we just understand each other. He's just a real companion."

She added that she knew Chris Ivery was "the one" early on:

"I guess you fall in love and you think he's the guy right away. Right when you fall in love, you think he's the guy. You don't sort of fall into a relationship thinking it's only going to be temporary."

The couple met in an L.A. grocery store in 2003 and began dating about six months later after "one night she just looked different to me," Ivery, 38, told People late last year.

They quickly discovered that they had grown up about 10 miles away from each other in Massachusetts and that Ivery knew Pompeo's father.

"We have a lot in common," Pompeo said. "We're from the same hometown... almost."

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