No Loose Ends For Kate Walsh, Addison Montgomery On Grey's Anatomy

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Kate Walsh On Grey's Anatomy
Dr. Addison Montgomery has said goodbyes at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Kate Walsh, who will star in her own spinoff series, Private Practice, this fall, says her character has no loose ends to tie up with the angst-ridden doctors on Grey's Anatomy.

"I think I'm finished with Grey's," she said during a visit to Canada to promote her new show.

"My work is kind of done there," Walsh added. "I had come to Seattle to save my marriage, that didn't work. There's really nothing left for me there except the job."

The job, of course, isn't enough. After being turned down for the position of hospital chief on the Grey's Anatomy season finale, Addison was told, rather unceremoniously by Richard Webber, that she needed a new life.

Next month, she'll get one, as Walsh officially starts shooting Private Practice, the pilot of which was introduced to viewers during a special two-hour episode of Grey's Antomy earlier this year.

The brainchild of Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, the show is set at a private medical facility in Los Angeles and co-stars Tim Daly of Wings fame and Amy Brenneman of the longtime drama Judging Amy.

The pilot episode received mixed reviews, and Walsh admits she had a little trepidation about leaving a show as successful as Grey's Anatomy.

Still, she says she loves the character of Addison and is excited to see her evolve. And, like many Grey's Anatomy stars, she has effusive praise for - and complete trust in - Shonda Rhimes.

"She feels passionately about writing for people - men and women - in their 30s and 40s who are, like: 'Now what?' 'What do we do? We're living lives that are unlike our parents in most every way. Or we tried to have the life that our parents had or emulate that, but it didn't quite work out so now what do we do?"'

Kate Walsh, 39, seems to closely identify with those questions.

Although she's drop-dead gorgeous, she's lamented that her romantic life is not where she thought it would be at this stage in her life. But those worries seem to have evaporated of late.

A few weeks ago, when ABC announced it was picking up Private Practice as part of its Wednesday lineup, Walsh had some news of her own: she's engaged to studio executive Alex Young.

That and the spinoff make for a moment the actress is ready to embrace.

"In times of faith in my life, I always thought everything would happen at once, and then of course there are times you're like 'no I'm going to die alone in a box on the street.'"

"I strangely felt very ready for all of this, if that's possible."

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