Tonya Cooley: From Real World to Fake Sex

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This is the true story of one woman, picked from an old reality show, and have her sex life taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start starring in pornographic movies.

Indeed, The Real World Chicago's Tonya Cooley has taken her acting career to the next level, appearing in a soft-core porn film on Cinemax. Although she doesn't receive top billing, Cooley is essentially the star of a 27-minute fim called The Erotic Traveler.

The career move isn't new for Tonya, who has posed in Playboy - like fellow reality show alumn, Kristine Lefebvre - previously to hitting the naked screen.

In The Erotic Traveler 02: Lost in Ecstasy, which is available on Cinemax OnDemand and airs several times throughout the week, "a photo of a couple in a passionate embrace sparks a debate between Marissa and Allison as to whether it depicts romance, ecstasy or lust," according to the network.

Tonya's characters (she appears to play more than one, but really, no one spent a lot of time on the script) are involved in multiple sex scenes, probably simulated and not very hardcore. Still, she appears quite nude as she walks on a beach topless, gives and receives oral sex and is penetrated from behind.

MTV must be very proud.

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