A Talk with Hayden Panettiere... and her Brother

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TV Guide recently joined Hayden Panettiere at a Heroes Sunday-morning shoot.

Also present? Hayden's 12-year-old brother, Jansen. He'll be starring in the Nickelodeon movie The Last Day of Summer (premiering this Friday at 8 pm/ET) and the siblings hope to do a movie together some time in the near future.

For now, though, the Heroes actress began the interview by asking questions of her adorable little brother...

: Why are you so handsome?
Jansen: 'Cause I got good genes from my mom.

Hayden: You are hurting Dad's feelings.
Jansen: [To his father, Skip, who is also at the shoot] Dad, you gave me a very balanced body. [To Hayden] Now, why are you so gorgeous?

Hayden and Jansen Panettiere
Hayden: Because I am related to you. Why did you get the dark skin and the dark eyes?
Jansen: It is a lot harder for me because [Hollywood] likes blond, blue-eyed kids.

Hayden: No one wants him to play white. He is doing a feature film, The Perfect Game....
Jansen: I play a Hispanic baseball player from the 1950s.

Hayden: What's your character like in The Last Day of Summer?
Jansen: I don't think he is extremely... energized? How do you say it?

Hayden: Energetic. You, by the way, are very energetic.
Jansen: Thank you for noticing. My character does not have the electricity that I have. During the film his confidence gets a total boot.

Hayden: Boot! You mean boost.
Jansen: Oh my god. I can't work with her. [To his mother] Mom, Hayden is picking on me.

Hayden: I am just correcting his grammar. [Mom shoots them a look and they quickly get back to the "interview."]

TV Guide: How would you describe your relationship?

Jansen: We still fight, we still argue and stuff.
Hayden: I can still beat him in a fight.

Jansen: When I turn 14, dude, I'll beat the shiitake mushrooms out of you.
Hayden: Bring it on. [They both look at their mother and realize they'd better get back on track.] What is it like having me as a sister?
Jansen: An inspiration.

Hayden: What is it like having a sister that is on a hit show?
Jansen: All my friends are jealous.

Hayden: I mean what is it like having your photograph taken with her when you are walking down the street with the dogs and when you want to be left alone?
Jansen: She gets me a little more noticed; she gets me in magazines. She gives me a kick-start. With The Last Day of Summer, they will notice me more because she is my sister. It is almost like you are looking in a book, and the bookmark is my sister and she is basically showing me, she is able to push me out there. She helps me tremendously.

TV Guide: Heroes and The Last Day of Summer both demand tremendous physicality.
Hayden: It is a blast. I always love doing my own stunts. Being on the set of Heroes keeps me in shape. I don't have time to go to the gym and I don't have a chance to be on teams anymore, so anything I get to do that is physical is a blast.

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