An Interview with Scott Baio

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Starring in a new reality show, Scott Baio is 45... and Single, is, well, Scott Baio.

Us Magazine recently interviewed the former childhood star: Tell us what it's like to have a new generation of fans.
Scott Baio: I haven't even thought about that, to be perfectly honest. I'm just glad to be doing something that I like doing as opposed to doing something that I don't like doing, which I've done before [laughs].

Scott Baio
Us: On the series, you allow a life coach to chart your path to love. What types of things did she suggest to help you find out if your girlfriend is the woman of your dreams?
SB: She tells me to refrain from seeing her â€" and be celibate - for eight weeks. And revisit women from my past to find out what I've done wrong so I can go forward in life. My friends are in the middle of all this trying to pull me every which way so [the show is] very much more a romantic comedy than it is a reality show.

Us: Why do you think so many Hollywood marriages fail?
SB: From an actor's point of view, it's very difficult to date an actress. Inevitably it becomes an ego contest, it becomes ‘who's she on the set making out with?' and ‘who's she going to fall in love with in Bulgaria making a movie?' It all seems fairy tale-ish and very romantic, but it's tough. There's just too many elements pulling you apart.

Us: So is it safe to say your current lady, Renee Sloan, is not in the entertainment industry?
SB: She was actually a stunt woman in her younger days. She's a tough chickâ€"you have no idea. And - I mean this in a nice way - one of the simplest, non-egoed women I've ever met. And the only woman who has not tried to change me.

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